Venus Optics Releases the Laowa 28mm f/1.2 Compact Travel Lens

Venus Optics has introduced a new full-frame Laowa Argus 28mm f/1.2 prime lens. The new lens, billed as the quickest 28mm full-frame lens on the market, is available in Leica L, Nikon Z, Sony E, and Canon RF mounts.

According to Venus Optics, 28mm focal lengths are preferable to the more popular 50mm and 35mm focus lengths because they catch more of the environment around a subject, which can help tell a better story. The fast f/1.2 aperture serves two purposes. For one thing, it allows the lens to be used more efficiently in low-light circumstances without increasing the ISO or dragging the shutter. Two, despite the wide angle, it permits the lens to produce a small depth of field.

The bokeh pattern, according to the manufacturer, can create a dreamy effect while keeping the photo’s subject sharp when opened wide.

The new Laowa Argus 28mm f/1.2 FF from Venus Optics is positioned as a modern take on the classic and versatile 28mm focal length, capable of producing high levels of sharpness and serving as a great everyday lens as well as a reliable travel optic.

The lens comprises 13 components organized into seven groups, two of which are extra-low dispersion elements and two ultra-high refractive index lenses. It has a 13-bladed aperture diaphragm and an aperture range of f/1.2 to f/16. The highest magnification of the Laowa Argus 28mm f/1.2 FF is 0.073x, it has a 62mm front filter thread, a 75.4-degree field of vision, and it weighs 562 grams.

According to Venus Optics, the lens is suitable for photography and also for videographers. It contains an aperture ring de-click button that lets it to go to a silent aperture, and the internal focusing system is designed to keep the overall size of the lens consistent when in operation.

However, the lens is entirely manual, which means it does not communicate electronically with the associated camera. Since Canon has been extremely aggressive in suing third-party businesses that attempt to provide electronic communication or focusing with its cameras, with one exception, that fact alone is probably the reason it is available for RF-mount.

Here are some sample pictures:

The new Laowa Argus 28mm f/1.2 FF is currently available for $599.

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