Vintage Visual Launches the Campaign for AGO Film Processor

The AGO Film Processor wants to be an analog photographer’s entrance to easy B&W, C-41, and E-6 film development. The AGO’s most innovative feature, according to Vintage Visual, is its time compensation system. “The concept is simple yet transformative: you no longer need to meticulously maintain the chemical temperature; you just pour in the chemicals within the right temperature range. AGO takes care of the rest by continuously monitoring the temperature and automatically adjusting the processing time during the process, guaranteeing consistently perfect negatives with every use,” the company says.

This is a big benefit for all users, particularly those who are inexperienced or do not have the time to regularly monitor chemical temperatures.

For more experienced photographers, the AGO Film Processor eliminates some chances for mistakes. The device is compact and light enough to be used anywhere, even in the field, as long as the ambient temperature is within the development temperature range.

The AGO Film Processor, which Vintage Visual launched on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, allows users to non-destructively transform a normal Paterson hand-processing tank into an automated film processor. It can be utilized as a rotating processor vertically or horizontally.

The installation procedure is simple. The user must first place their film in the Paterson tank in complete darkness. The rear stand is then attached to the tank, and the AGO Film Processor is connected to the tank with the funnel openings facing down.

The photographer now prepares their chemicals and turns on the AGO. Users can access a program menu via on-device controls and a color display to select the proper process for their film. As needed, the method can be further adjusted. When the process is ready, pour in the prepared chemicals and push the start button. When the procedure is finished, the user can remove the chemistry and continue the operation with the same or different chemicals.

The AGO Film Processor is intended for use by small labs, photographers, and community centers. The product is compatible with full-frame (35mm), medium format (120), and large format (45mm) film.

The AGO Film Processor can be funded on Indiegogo for as little as $336. A $357 bundle is available for consumers who additionally require a Paterson tank. Vintage Visual anticipates that the first devices will be delivered to backers in May 2024.

More info on Indiegogo’s page.

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