Yashica Is Now Launching Its Own 35mm Film

Back in 2017, the Japanese vintage Yashica brand announced a comeback and teased an unprecedented camera, the Y35 digiFilm. This camera raised $1.28 million on Kickstarter and the backers were looking forward to it shipping in April 2018.

And when the camera finally hit the real world, it was a total fiasco.

Today, that same company is apparently launching a 35mm film. Yashica started teasing a new product on April 1st – for real – by posting an image to Facebook, with a caption reading “We will have many Negative’s News start from Today.”.

But then April 1st came and went without any update on the “Negative’s News.”
On April 3rd, Yashica posted a series of near-black photos to Instagram without any captions. After that, on the same day, Yashica also published an image of 35mm film canisters bearing its branding. The label says that it’s 36-exposure ISO 400 C-41 film.

Bad render image and mistake dx code, however, all this doesn’t seem to have discouraged Yashica from promoting the film further.

This weekend, a sample photo was posted to Instagram, along with a link to more sample images on Canon Irista. The photo was taken by Kerry Jeffrey in Portland, Oregon. He used a Pentax Spotmatic F with a SMC Takumar 50mm 1.4. He says that the new Yashica’s product is “a fun film to use.”

At this point, these teasers don’t appear to be part of an April Fools’ prank.
Even after Yashica posted the sample images, people are still skeptical, but seems real that Yashica is indeed gearing up to launch its own 35mm camera film for analog photographers.

More info on Yashica’s Facebook page.

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