Yasuko Noguchi: Taiwan 2017-2020

Yasuko Noguchi’s new photobook features the artist’s characteristic black-and-white street photography and was photographed in Taiwan between 2017 and 2020. With images that range from snap photography to impromptu portraiture, Noguchi captures the relaxed liveliness on the streets of Taiwan.

“2020, the year of the Corona crisis. Now closed to visitors and beyond my reach, the city I see in my dreams became a little more concrete. Taipei had long been a city I wanted to visit. I wanted to walk through it in its entirety, through all its strange streets after the sun had set, and expose myself to everything that takes place after the sunset.” (from the artist’s statement)

The book is published by Vacuum Press.

Vacuum Press was started by a group of photographers and began publishing photobooks in 2008.
 The focus lies on publishing photobooks by its members, and all decisions during the publication process are made according to the photographer’s wishes. 
Vacuum Press currently consists of three members: Jun Abe, Shogo Yamada, and Yasuko Noguchi. In addition to photobooks produced by its core members, Vacuum Press also collaborates with guest photographers.

About the Author

Yasuko Noguchi was Born in Osaka Prefecture in 1973. He graduates from the Department of Photography, Visual Arts Osaka in 1999.
In 2004 he awarded the ‘Konica Minolta Photo Premio’ special prize. In 2004 he became a member of gallery 10:06, Osaka (-2006).
In 2006 became a member of VACUUM PRESS and in 2013 of Hatten gallery, Osaka.

Softcover: 144 pages, 74 images
Publisher: Vacuum Press (2020)
Language: Japanese
Size: 8.9 x8.9 inches

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