Shots of a trip to Cuba in February 2018.
After the first days as a tourist immersed in the chaotic center of Havana Vieja, a place where out of necessity they want to sell you everything, because that’s what they live on, I noticed that moving a few hundred meters from the tourist center to more peripheral areas the context changed radically: no more tourists in mass, the locals routinely lived their daily routine and I could easily stop to find the ideal shot, sometimes even for more than half an hour. So I continued my journey to the other cities of Cuba, always with the aim of photographing normal and ordinary life scenes. A journey to discover colors, where people’s everyday life blends into an atmosphere that leaves its mark on you and that hides an inner loneliness deep down. The eyes that see Cuba reveal this human feeling, a loneliness that generates life and beauty and that tells stories of people who live their own dimension. Discovering Cuba represents a journey within oneself, made up of emotions and sensations, joy and reflection.
Silvio Benedetto wrote about the photographs:
“Frontal urban shots, deliberately two-dimensional, terse and very clean, not striking, full of a curious apparent shy emotional detachment, like that of people who are always far away inserted in the context. Not portraits. “.

Cienfuegos, Cuba

by Giovanni Rizzo

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