I saw what I assumed was a grandfather strolling down the street with his granddaughter and wanted to take picture of them. I took three shots because in the first two shots someone walk thru the frame. Something told me to go for the third one and I did. It was a clear frame so I was satisfied and move on. Only when I exported photos to my computer, I realized their facial expressions on the last photo. They weren’t smiling on the first two. I uploaded the photo online, even though I don’t like to post pictures of children, but I wanted to identify the man in the photo. Shortly after I published it, it went viral across Instagram and Twitter where it gathered more than 12k likes but most importantly – someone recognized the man. I found out that he is a retired sculpture professor. I got his address, printed the photo, and knocked on his door. He was delighted, we talked about art and he said that this photograph belongs to the world because art belongs to the world. I actually have the photos from our meeting too, where he is holding the printed photo.

Zagreb, Croatia

by Mirna Marić

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