7artisans Announces a 79mm Handheld Split Diopter

A 79mm Handheld Split Diopter Filter from 7artisans has been made available. The company claims it enables photographers to improve visual narrative by adding a bokeh effect to the edges of their images.

Filmmakers frequently employ split diopters to produce deep focus effects, but 7artisans claims they are capable of much more than this. A split diopter can give bokeh or foreground blurring effects to half of a shot if the photographer holds it in front of the lens.

Prisms, which some photographers have used for years, are used to achieve the same effect. Some companies have even produced screw-on filters with embedded prims that allow photographers to achieve the effect without manually holding the objects in front of the lens.

The 7artisans Spit Diopter differs slightly from prims in that it has a special impact on photographs, which typically appear as patches of warped light. The 79mm Handheld Split Diopter Filter is a circular filter with what the manufacturer calls a multiple refraction effect that may be handled. The device may be used with any lens. According to the manufacturer, it can be manipulated with only one hand to produce tilt-shift effects, multi-angle blur effects, and unique light spot effects.

“You can have the option of mounting your handheld split filter directly to your camera cage or rig to keep your focus consistent by connected it with a mounting arm. Just attach the mount to the bottom of your mirrorless or DSLR or to any of the quarter-20 mounting points on your camera cage for your cinema cameras. You can also handhold and move the filter to get the perfect angle for your subject,” says the company.

Here are some sample pictures:

7artisans offers two versions of the filter a +1.0 and a +2.0 option. The 7artisans 9mm Handheld Split Diopter Filter is available for $29.

More info on Pergear’s website.

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