Sigma Unveils “Behind the Lens” Miniseries

Two of the best British landscape photographers of all time, Joe Cornish and Colin Prior, are featured in a new three-part photography mini-series from Sigma on YouTube. The company says both Cornish and Prior have achieved a huge amount in their careers and enjoy a solid following in the photo community.  The duo took the images in this narrative as part of their work for the video miniseries.

“Go behind the lens with British landscape legends Colin Prior and Joe Cornish as they explore the wild scenery of the Scottish Highlands. Find out how Colin and Joe approach wide-angle and telephoto landscapes, what lenses they like to use, and what they think of each others’ work,” the company says. “We have them on the film together for the first time in this first series, out together exploring the wild landscapes of the Scottish Highlands.”

Since 1982, Cornish has been working as a professional artist. His large-format landscape photographs are arguably his best-known works. He has been photographing the North Yorkshire landscape for more than 20 years and still travels domestically and abroad.

Prior is also a well-known landscape photographer who, in recent years, has primarily concentrated his efforts in the Scottish highlands. However, at the beginning of his career, Prior traveled widely while working for various advertising and design agencies in search of distinctive lifestyle and leisure photos.
His most recent book, The Karakoram, about an ice mountain in Pakistan, the most glaciated place on earth outside of Antarctica and the Arctic, was published in 2021. He has published many fine art books.

The first three episodes of the brand-new Behind the Lens miniseries are now streaming online. The company has announced that it would shortly begin filming an unspecified number of episodes in additional regions of the United Kingdom.

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