A Completely New Photo Mechanic is on its way

All street photographers know how important it is to have a right software for fast image viewing, compatible with new cameras and packed with a lot of useful features. Sometimes Bridge, Lightroom or Capture One are not fast enough, or have little useful end-user functions.

Camera Bits knows how important it is and since the latest version of Photo Mechanic, dated 2012, has shown how useful a fast and practical software is.

Photo Mechanic is a media browser that makes photo ingesting, viewing, culling, tagging, and exporting faster than previously cited giant catalog-based editors. Street photographers, like event photographers that work in wedding, sports, and journalism fields as well benefit from having a media browser like this that can cull thousands of images shot in a short time span.

The new 64-bit rewritten Photo Mechanic 6 features an improved user interface that will be more compact and streamlined. Camera Bits also teased that it would be two to three times faster at displaying thumbnails. Finally, one new feature that has been announced is the ability to ingest photos from a selection of images on a memory card.

Pricing for Photo Mechanic 6 will be $139 for a new license, $89 to upgrade, and free upgrades to those who purchased Photo Mechanic in the last year. The release date is set for March 25, and Camera Bits plans to share more about the new version as time grows near.

More info on Camera Bits website.

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