Adobe Launches New Video Tutorials Series of 60-Second for Lightroom CC and Mobile

Adobe has started up a new video series on its Adobe Photoshop Lightroom YouTube channel called In a Lightroom Minute that condenses helpful Lightroom CC and Lightroom Mobile tips into tutorials that are roughly 60 seconds in length.

Those of you familiar with Adobe’s YouTube channels probably recognize this concept. The company has done this before with the Lightroom Coffee Break series and, more recently, with the Photoshop Magic Minute series. In a Lightroom Minute follows in the same vein, sharing helpful tips and tricks in a rapid-fire format that won’t waste your time.

“On the heels of our popular Lightroom Coffee Break and Photoshop Magic Minute series, we’re thrilled to share our latest fun tips and tricks, In A Lightroom Minute,” Katrin Eismann tells to PetaPixel. “This new series features minute-long tutorials offering quick tips on how to master Lightroom across desktop and mobile.”

“We’ve created a variety of bite-sized content to make it easy for anyone to get inspired and learn Lightroom essentials including how to create and utilize presets and how to use the Lightroom mobile in-app camera,” she continues. “We hope that Lightroom beginners and pros alike find the quick videos informational and easy to apply to their own workflow.”

Currently, there are ten videos in the series, but it’s likely we’ll see more added in the near future.

Here the full playlist on YouTube.

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