Angelbird Introduces the CFexpress B SE 1TB and CFexpress B SX 330GB Memory Cards

High-end capture memory cards and SSDs are the focus of Austrian firm Angelbird. Both memory cards’ predecessors have been available for one and a half years. However, as cameras record at higher resolutions and frame rates, there is a rising desire for larger cards with more storage space and better performance. Another way to put it is that the craving for speed never disappears.

Although both cards have a reading speed of 1785 MB/s, content producers always seek a sustained high writing speed. For capturing video up to an 8K resolution, Angelbird has advanced the cards’ performance. The new 1TB card can write at a maximum rate of 1550 MB/s and 1300 MB/s continuously. Comparing that to the prior version of the card’s sustained wiring speed of 800 MB/s and a maximum of 850 MB/s, there has been a significant improvement. This implies you might also utilize this card for 12K+ RAW photo shots.

The smaller SX card with 330 GB increases the writing speed much more. It has a maximum speed of 1600 MB/s and a sustained speed of 1480 MB/s! Therefore, your camera has no buffer constraints, and you can shoot photographs up to 12K + RAW. This would make the card perfect for snapping photos at sporting events or of any moving subjects, such as wildlife or fast-moving things.

Key features of AV PRO CFexpress B SE 1TB and AV PRO CFexpress B SX 330GB

  • Stable Stream™ Sustained Speed Performance: Ensures uninterrupted read/write performance for the entire capacity of the card.
  • Y2 Processor: Processing power for RAW video and photo content creation.
  • Advanced Thermal Management: Eliminates potential damage or loss of frames, protecting card and content during a potential camera overheating event triggered by long-duration shooting or continuous burst photography.
  • Minimal Power Drain: Bus-powered components place a minimal drain on the camera´s battery supporting improved run time.
  • Power Loss Protection: Signals a safe shutdown to protect against content loss or damage in the event of a sudden power loss.
  • Build Quality: Protection from moisture, x-ray/magnets, shock, dust, and operating temperatures of -10°C to 70°C / 14°F to 158°F and storage temperatures of -20°C to 85°C / -4°F to 185°F.
  • Compatibility and Durability Tested: For specific camera compatibility assurance, refer to for the complete guide.
  • Card-Level Firmware Updates: Maintain compatibility and full feature set of CFexpress Type B cards with firmware updates performed with Angelbird CFexpress Card Reader. For more information on firmware updates refer to
  • 3-Year limited warranty and free in-house data recovery service: Angelbird provides customer service with free in-house data recovery service on hard- and software levels for Angelbird products activated via the Angelbird website within 30 days of purchase.

The AV PRO CFexpress B SE with 1TB and the AV PRO CFexpress B SX card with 330G are now available for 299.99$.

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