SmallRig Introduces the New LP-E6NH Battery

As an improved version of Canon’s first-party battery, SmallRig’s new LP-E6NH battery offers USB-C charging and a larger capacity. According to SmallRig, it is “comparable to the original in all ways”. It has a built-in decoding chip for complete camera compatibility (no pop-up warning will appear while in use) and enables power display on the camera. The company also claims that it has protection against short circuits, high temperatures, high voltages, overcharges, and over-discharges.

One of the pleasant features of all the batteries in SmallRig’s line that offer this functionality is that the new battery joins the other batteries in its portfolio with a USB-C interface that enables them to be charged up without a hefty wall charger. According to the manufacturer, a high-current charger (5V 2.2A) can fully charge the battery from empty to full in under 2.5 hours.

However, the batteries can still be charged using a variety of power supplies like wall chargers (the company claims charging is supported with a dedicated charger, which is likely Canon’s wall charger) or other third-party multi-battery chargers, which of course, includes SmallRig’s. According to the company, the SmallRig LP-E6NH USB-C Rechargeable Camera Battery 4264 can be charged using a power bank, power strip, car charger, or other specialized chargers.

SmallRig claims that its option is 2,400mAh, sufficient for about three hours of video recording time and 780 photos. Canon’s LP-E6NH does not support USB-C charging and has a maximum capacity of 2,130mAh.

According to SmallRig, the EOS R6 Mark II, EOS R7, EOS R5 and R5 C, as well as vintage models like the original 5D, are all compatible with the LP-E6NH battery. The battery from SmallRig is probably most tempting because it costs $39.99. That’s a little over half the price of Canon’s original battery, which costs $79.

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