AstrHori Unveils a 18mm f/8 Shift Lens

The company has introduced this unusual compact 18mm f/8 shift lens designed specifically for landscape and architecture work, which allows photographers plus or minus 6mm of panning shift and a rotation of 360 degrees to capture cramped spaces or vast landscapes better.

The lens is made of nine elements grouped into nine groups and is extremely tiny, measuring 62 by 36 millimeters. The company has not revealed the precise configuration of that construction. The company also claims to have coated some of the components with a “multi-layer coating,” which it claims reduces flare and ghosting while enhancing contrast and color fidelity in bright lighting.

The 18mm f/8 Shift Lens weighs 164 grams and has a full-metal construction that the manufacturer claims is dependable and strong while still being lightweight (about 5.8 ounces).

On full-frame cameras, the lens has a 99.2-degree field of vision and offers an additional plus or minus 6mm of shift in addition to its 18mm and 360-degree rotation capabilities. From a close focusing distance of 34 centimeters (about 13.4 inches) to infinity, AstrHori claims that the optical technology and manual focus design assist preserve constant image quality.

Also noteworthy is the lack of electronic communication between the lens and the camera body. Additionally, the lens’s fixed f/8 aperture cannot be changed, probably because of how tiny it is constructed.

Here are a sample picture:

The AstrHori 18mm f/8 full-frame wide-angle shift lens is available for four mounts: Nikon Z, Sony E, Leica L, and Canon RF. The lens can be purchased from Pergear’s web store for $119.

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