Brett Lloyd: Napoli Napoli Napoli

NAPOLI, NAPOLI, NAPOLI captures “a day in Naples,” a sunrise-to-sunset excursion that meditates on classicism, the cathartic power of the sea, and the unique influence of the ancient landscape. Lloyd’s camera does not just hold a mirror to the beauty of Naples, rather, it asks its subjects to see themselves as participating in a process where beauty is continuous with social rhythms that span childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and old age.
“I am thrilled to release this book, which is the culmination of over 12 years of passion for the city and its people. The book is for the friends I have made over the years in Naples who have generously shared their home with me.”

About the Author

Brett Lloyd was born in the North of England. Despite living in London, he spends a lot of time in Italy – specifically Naples. His love for the paintings and sculptures of the Italian Renaissance and the films of neorealism Italian cinema are readily twisted into a modern context in his work.
Working from a stratification of emotions which define his playful, narrative-driven aesthetic, his work has been nurtured and enriched over the twelve years he has been allowed to observe Naples with his camera.
Lloyd’s fashion and documentary work combines this love with contemporary culture, the human condition, and a love for classical figurative art. What arrives from this mix is a joy for life and beauty, the charged sexuality of teenage life with a slight undercurrent of danger that Naples doesn’t hesitate to provide. His vignettes of daily life on the beach in the southern Italian city have informed his work for major fashion brands such as Dior, Louis Vuitton, Moncler, Calvin Klein, Fendi, Brioni, and Armani.
Following his debut book ‘Scugnizzi’ published by Dashwood Books in 2014, ‘Napoli, Napoli, Napoli’ is Lloyd’s first major book and the most substantial collection of his photography from Naples to date.
Bretts frequent editorial contributions can be seen in Vogue Italia, British Vogue, Another Man, Vanity Fair, Document Journal, Purple, Dust, and Dazed & Confused.

A portrait of Brett Lloyd

Hardcover: 180 pages / 135 Photographs
Publisher: Morel Books (October 25, 2022)
Language: English
Size: 11.02 x 13.77 inches
Weight: 2.49 pounds
ISBN-10: 8862087799
ISBN-13: 978-8862087797

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