DxO Includes 1,693 New Optics Modules to Its Editing Software

A large number of new Optics Modules have been added to DxO Labs’ software package, offering specialized corrections for a wide range of cameras and lenses.
The company claims its Optics Modules are a plethora of individually tailored, laboratory-grade adjustments and targets its software at quality-conscious photographers, claiming it provides the most precise and potent method of image quality improvement.

DxO claims its image correction method is unique since it accounts for the various sharpness levels present throughout a lens’s whole field of vision. DxO Optics Modules only apply the necessary sharpening rather than general sharpening that is applied uniformly over the frame.

DxO Labs asserts that by creating profiles for various camera and lens combinations, it is better able to make any necessary minor adjustments when a specific lens is used on one camera as opposed to another. DxO Labs singles out one instance when measurements were taken for “the new Optics Modules for the Sigma 150-600mm F5-6.3 DG DN OS S” using “nearly every Sony camera on the market, rather than just one full-frame Alpha camera.”

The fact that DxO Labs does not apply global adjustments throughout the full frame is one of the more distinctive characteristics of these Optics Modules. Instead, because the lenses are often softer at the frame’s corners than in its center, the profiles gradually apply adjustments with higher strengths to those areas. This enables more exact modifications that impact the image just where necessary, rather than over-adjusting other portions of the scene that might not require additional sharpness or chromatic aberration correction. This is evident from the comparison from DxO Labs up top.

The new set of Optics Modules is available for DxO PhotoLab, PureRAW, FilmPack, and Viewpoint — all of which are available from DxO’s website — and brings the total number of supported camera and lens combinations with its software to more than 80,000.

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