Brice Dossin: Xmas Vindaloo

Christmas time in Goa – a small Christian enclave on India’s southwest coast, with a sulfurous reputation. A Portuguese colony until 1961, when it was annexed by India, Goa gained fame for its hosting of hippie communities in the 1960s; it was the endpoint of the hippie trail. 
In the 1990s Goa became the trance music capital of the world and while Indian and international tourists still come to party until they drop, local people celebrate Christmas in a vivid way with displays and decorations everywhere. A quarter of the local population are still Christian.
At this time of year, Goa is an unlikely gathering of retired hippies, trance music lovers, Indian tourists, baba cools, undomesticated cows, and stray dogs, mixed with a hint of the local spice (vindaloo is a typical Goan cuisine).

During his time in this seaside location like no other, Brice Dossin came across Jesus, more than once, dozens of Santa Clauses, chilled out sacred cows, crazed looking dogs, tattooed ravers, mustache-wearing dreamers, swirling stoners, colorful jugglers, yoga masters, levitating mystics, selfie bombers, many amazing sunsets, and an uncanny Hercules. Enjoy his Christmas tale under the sun.

About the Author

Brice Dossin was raised in a small town in Normandy. He has lived his childhood in a secluded place, far away from the colorful crowds he likes to study and investigate. He discovered photography on his own, using the photo lab of the Architecture school he was attending.

A portrait of Brice Dossin

Since 2014 he has been building thematical series in which subjects are focusing on the depiction of society seen as mass consumption, underlining its excesses and frivolity. In 2017 he has been chosen as the Ambassador of Mois-Off of Photography, in Paris. In 2018, his project “Airpocalypse” has been selected for the Prix Voies-Off in Arles, France.

His interests reside in what could be called human photography, using the camera as a tool capable to deepen into the social fabric, giving at the same time a very personal and bright point of view pointing the attention to particular sides of the whole matters he investigates.

Quarter-bound hardback: 128 pages, 102 colour photographs
Publisher: Dewi Lewis Publishing (November 2020)
Size: 9.44 x 6.49 inches
ISBN-13:  978-1911306665

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