Calibrite Introduces Three New Monitor Calibrators

Calibrite has introduced a trio of monitor calibration devices for a variety of display technologies, including the new Display Plus HL calibrator, which works with super-bright high dynamic range (HDR) screens with luminance up to 10,000 nits.

The Display SL, the “entry-level” model in the portfolio, is intended for use with more conventional computer monitors and displays for standard dynamic range (SDR) content, such as still images and SDR video. The “Photo Preset” setting on the Display SL enables customers to choose a predetermined white point value to calibrate their monitor. The Display SL calibrates a standard patch in the middle of a display.

The “mid-range” Display Pro HL has more features than the Display SL and is able to calibrate monitors up to 3,000 nits in brightness, which is extremely bright and over three times brighter than the brightest consumer television currently on the market. Users can make and save custom presets with the Display Pro HL in addition to the additional presets, which include video presets. Additionally, it enables users to set bespoke brightness levels up to 3,000 cd/m2 and particular white points. Up to 250 cd/m2 monitors can be used with the Display SL.

The Display Pro HL also has measuring tools for ambient light measurements, contract ratio, gamma, chromatic adaptation, expanded profiles, different calibration patch sizes, and monitor uniformity.

The Display Plus HL, or “high luminance,” is at the top of the new Calibrite Display-series calibration tool line. In addition to HDR compatibility and configurable luminance settings up to 10,000 cd/m2, the Display Plus HL delivers all the same capabilities as the Display Pro HL. The Display Plus HL’s final distinguishing feature is the user’s option to change BT 1886 gamma, something the Display Pro HL lacks the capacity to accomplish.

Ordering the Calibrite Display SL costs $169. The added capabilities of the Display Pro HL drive up the price significantly to $279. For $339, the Display Plus HL completes the package.

More info on Calibrite’s website.

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