Sony Introduces 4K 120p Recording to the ZV-E1 Camera

Sony unveiled the ZV-E1 camera in late March, giving video content producers a great new tool. Sony has improved the ZV-E1 with a free upgrade that allows it to record 4K 120p footage instead of the camera’s original full-width 4K 60p recording capability.

“With this new upgrade, the ZV-E1 joins a roster of Sony cameras featuring 4K 120p video recording, including the Alpha 1 and Alpha 7S III, and the FX6, FX3, and FX30 from Sony’s Cinema Line,” Sony explains. “This feature enables faster high-speed frame rate video recording, resulting in smooth slow-motion footage that is five times slower than standard 24fps, highlighting Sony’s commitment to providing groundbreaking technology for all creators.”

The new free upgrade brings Full HD 240p recording to the ZV-E1 and the 4K resolution video at up to 120 frames per second, which is ideal for those who enjoy slow-motion filming. According to Sony, the ZV-E1’s Long GOP inter-frame compression option is the only one that supports 4K 120p recording, while the S&Q mode supports the new FHD 240p mode. When recording 4K 120p video, Sony has not made any information on heat restrictions or recording times available.

Interestingly, Sony made the ZV-E1 upgrade available for free via its Creators’ Cloud platform. The platform, which was initially designed for business and professional users, has changed its focus and now supports creative work from capture to publication. Additionally, Sony offers the Creators’ software, a smartphone software that claims to enhance the shooting experience for users. Additionally, the Creators’ App makes moving content from a camera to the cloud simple.

The upgrading procedure is simple for ZV-E1 owners eager to upgrade their cameras to benefit from the new 4K 120p recording; however, it differs slightly from a regular firmware change. Before using the license, users must obtain it from a certain Creators’ Cloud website. Users can download the license without logging in by using their Sony accounts to sign in and link their ZV-E1 to their accounts. The license can be downloaded later without entering the serial number by logging in. In either scenario, users must input their ZV-E1’s serial number to access the upgrade license. The permit is perpetual.

Users can download and install the update file into their camera after receiving an upgrade license, like a standard firmware upgrade. To use the ZV-E1, the necessary file, RC_LIC.DAT, must be copied to the memory card’s top layer and formatted. You might also perform that installation using a USB. Sony’s website provides a list of all downloads for the Sony ZV-E1.

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