Cédric Roux: Wonderland

Odyssée Editions is pleased to present the first book by Cédric Roux: a quirky eye in the streets of New York, a sharpened street photograph testifying to the author’s love for this city. Prefaced by London photographer Matt Stuart, Wonderland is an art book printed in France by Escourbiac.
Cédric Roux traveled to the Big Apple in the middle of the pandemic, to “hunker down” and take photographs. With a twinkle in his eye, he captures the mundane oddities, which otherwise might slip by unnoticed. His Wonderland is a photographic paradise made up of simple normality, pulsing existence and constant change.

“I’ve had a strong interest in the USA and more particularly in New York City, since I was a teenager. This interest in America comes firstly from my attraction to American basketball, and my love for the cinema quickly refocused me on New York, because it is used as a setting for many films, whether old or modern. For me, New York really appears to be the city where everything is possible and that never stops. New York and the New Yorkers are fascinating because they don’t care what you think of them; they are true to themselves.
My project in New York is very simple: I just want to put the spotlight on this, my photographic paradise. Every 50 meters, there is the potential of something happening that interests me. However, the idea for the title only came about during the pandemic. Indeed, locked up at home, I realized that New York would be the ideal place if I had to stay “stuck” somewhere.
Through my work, I try to show people the things they don’t take the time to see. I like to capture the happy incident when everything falls into place naturally, but also the little things in life, simple, without looking for complex compositions, just life.” (Cédric Roux from the interview by Leica Camera)

About the Author

French Photographer from Paris and Fragment Photo member.
“It took me a first trip to New York to overcome my natural shyness and dare to take the plunge to start photographing. Since that day, I’ve been trying to take pictures.”

A portrait of Cédric Roux

Cedric won the 2018 Zooms Audience Award at the Paris Photo Fair, and exhibited his series Droit à l’image in Paris and Japan. He has also won international awards and seen his images exhibited in Miami, San Francisco, Milan, Arles, but also at the ICP in NYC or on the RATP subway platform.

Hardcover: 112 pages printed in four-color offset on Gardapat 13 Bianka 150 g/m2 paper (thick)
Publisher: Odyssée Editions (2022)
Language: English
Size: 7.4 x 10.62 inches

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