Chroma Camera Unveils the CubeFF 35mm Pinhole Camera

Chroma Camera, a manufacturer of modular medium format cameras and lenses, has introduced the CubeFF, a full-frame 35mm pinhole camera. The CubeFF is a 24×36 pinhole camera, but photographers can utilize the provided 18×24 half-frame insert to double the images in a 35mm film canister. It has the same 0.2-millimeter laser-drilled pinhole plate and 30mm focal length as the Chroma Camera Baby Cube model, resulting in an effective aperture of f/150.

“My first pinhole camera, the 24×24 Baby Cube, was launched in November 2021 and I’ve built and shipped over 200 since then,” Chroma Camera’s founder Steve Lloyd explained to Kosmo Foto earlier this month. “Pretty much since that launch, I’ve had photographers asking me when I would make a full frame (24×36) format model too, so I’ve taken the opportunity to launch the brand new design CubeFF alongside the Baby Cube.”

However, unlike the Baby Cube, the CubeFF features a new magnetic open/close shutter, which promises constant exposure. There’s also a new click-stopped frame reminder on the camera’s base, along with a conventional 1/4-inch tripod mount and rewind button. The camera’s built-in lens has a 49mm filter, and there is a wrist strap mounting point on the front face, but no strap is included.

The new CubeFF, like all of Chroma Camera’s cameras, is hand made in Steve Lloyd’s workshop in England. The Chroma Camera CubeFF is now available for purchase for $163. The Baby Cube 24×24 pinhole camera continues in the inventory, priced at $124.

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