Thypoch Expands Simera 35mm & 28mm f/1.4 Lineup to Z / X / E / RF Mounts

Thypoch, the emerging manufacturer of photo lenses with a vintage look, is set to expand its popular Simera 35mm f/1.4 and Simera 28mm f/1.4 lenses to include Z/E/X/RF mount options. This expansion comes in response to feedback from Thypoch’s fans and users, who have expressed a desire for more versatility in their lens options.

The Thypoch team is committed to maintaining the exceptional performance of the original M-mount lenses while fine-tuning the new mount solutions for optimal results. The release of Z/E/X/RF mount lenses will provide photographers with enhanced capabilities to capture transient moments with precision and clarity.

The ergonomic crescent-shaped focus tab for the Z/E/X/RF lenses significantly improves the focusing experience. It’s a game-changer, replacing the old infinity lock with a design that makes focusing smoother and more intuitive. This enables photographers to achieve precise focus on their subjects with greater ease and comfort.

The latest versions of Z/E/X/RF lenses will remove the subtle resistance at 0.7m and closer on the focus ring. This enhancement caters to the user experience of non-rangefinder cameras from Nikon, Sony, Fuji, and Canon.

The classic design of the automatic depth-of-field scale provides a quick and easy way for photographers to determine focus distance when shooting at hyperfocal distances, ensuring that every shot is perfectly focused.

Simera 35mm f/1.4 and Simera 28mm f/1.4 for Z/E/X/RF mounts have a constant maximum aperture of f/1.4 and a constant minimum focusing distance of 0.45m and 0.4m. Photographers are, therefore, able to achieve beautifully blurred backgrounds and crisp subjects in low-lighting conditions as well. Both lenses feature built-in floating elements (FLE) to ensure optimal image performance at close distances, delivering sharp imaging from center to edge and conveying subtle narrative texture.

Clicked and de-clicked aperture modes, symbolized by the icons “sun” and “moon,” are also in place for users to choose based on their needs. Videography is made easier via de-clicked aperture modes, which enable users to switch apertures silently and seamlessly.

Thypoch’s Simera 35mm & 28mm F1.4 is listed at an MSRP of $649 in black or silver. The Z-mount will be available May 20, 2024, with the X, E and RF mount arriving in mid-June.

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