DxO Introduces the Nik Collection 2, a Powerful Upgrade of the Popular Plug-In

The Nik Collection has been through quite a journey over the years.

The software plug-in suite has long been a staple of many street photographer’s editing workflows. After originally being released by Nik Software and undergoing regular updates, the software was purchased by Google and released into the world for free. Unfortunately, Google’s priorities shifted and the plugin suite was ignored, rarely updated and then finally left to die.

DxO bought the Nik Collection from Google two years ago and gave the plugins an update last year.

Nik Collection 2 adds 42 new “En Vogue” presets to the original set of 156 presets. Developed with Dan Hughes, a lecturer in photography at Rochester Institute of Technology, 10 of these are added to each of the Color Efex Pro, Silver Efex Pro, and Analog Efex Pro plugins, with a further 12 new HDR presets added to HDR Efex Pro.

These plugins, which also include Viveza, Dfine, Sharpener Pro, are compatible with Adobe’s most popular editing programs, namely Photoshop, Lightroom Classic and Elements – and you can view four of the new effects below.

“The latest filters in the Nik Collection 2 will take your photos’ emotional impact to the next level,” DxO says.

Aside from the new presets, the other major announcement is that Nik Collection 2 now comes with DxO’s PhotoLab 2.3 Essential Edition raw-editing software as standard. Previously, DxO PhotoLab 2 was retailing at $129 / £99 on its own.

Jean-Marc Alexia, VP Product Strategy and Marketing with DxO, said: “By offering our advanced photo editing solution along with the Nik Collection 2, we are giving users access to DxO’s powerful and high-quality raw treatment technology as well as its unparalleled optical corrections, which were developed over 15 years of measurements and analyses conducted in its laboratory.”

Nik Collection 2 is now available through the DxO website with a price tag of $150 (it’s on sale for $100 through June 30th). An upgrade from the previous version will cost you $80 (on sale for $60 through June 30th).

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