Ernst Leitz Wetzlar Joins the L-Mount Alliance

Ernst Leitz Wetzlar GmbH is the first company to join the L-Mount Alliance since the public announcement of the standard at Photokina 2018. Consisting of founding members Leica Camera AG, SIGMA, and Panasonic, the goal of the alliance is to utilize the L-mount standard developed by Leica Camera AG for cameras and lenses in future product development. Ernst Leitz Wetzlar designs and manufactures premium lenses for cinematography and believes that products developed with the L-Mount will present great benefits to cinematographers and photographers alike.

Although the members of the L-Mount Alliance are working together to promote L-Mount, they offer their respective cameras and lenses under their own brands and are competitors to each other.

The L-Mount offers the advantages of a large inner diameter of 51.6 mm along with a shallow flange depth of 20 mm, as well as a robust electronic interface. Originally introduced by Leica Camera in 2014, the L-Mount is now available on 9 cameras and over 50 lenses across the three existing alliance partners.

Rainer Hercher, managing director: “We believe that the future of photography and cinematography includes a substantial market for shallow flange depth camera and lens designs. The advantages of the L-Mount when it comes to designing lenses is unquestionable as it enables fast, high-performance lenses to be smaller and less expensive to manufacture, characteristics limited by the physics of a deeper flange depth.”

Here is a long list of movies shot with Leitz lenses:

Further information can be found under:

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