Fill The Frame – A New Street Photography Documentary

“Fill The Frame”, directed by Tim Huynh, follows eight contemporary New York street photographers and why the art inspires them.

About the Story
With the continuing rise of the digital age and popularity of social media, the genre of street photography has propelled like we’ve never seen before. Still there is more opportunity for street photography to be recognized and appreciated by the masses.
Photography is a vehicle for storytelling; capturing a moment in time yet allowing for endless possibilities of interpretation. Fill The Frame is a feature documentary telling a story not only within the frame of photographs, but of the people behind the camera. This film follows eight esteemed street photographers in New York to get an exclusive look at their work and their own unique journey over the years.

About the Director, Tim Huynh
“Born and raised in Hawaii, I have always enjoyed a good story. As a graduate of the Academy of Creative Media at the University of Hawaii, my background is in film making and production. But after spending some time in Chicago, I learned about Vivian Maier and fell in love with organic and raw nature of street photography. For me it was something different than what I was used to seeing back home; crystal clear beaches, tropical foliage and gorgeous sunsets. I knew I wanted to share this with Hawaii and other cities where consumption of street photography might not be the norm”. 

About the Team
Eight street photographers: Dimitri Mellos, Jonathan Higbee, Julia Gillard, Lauren Welles, Mathias Wasik, Melissa Breyer, Melissa O’Shaughnessy, & Paul Kessel
Also featuring – Jeff Mermelstein, Richard Sandler, Matt Weber, Meryl Meisler, Colin Westerbeck (author of Bystander), Sandra Philips (SF MOMA Curator)
Jessica Gallegos is the talented Director of Photography on this project who helped make completion of all the interviews possible.
Ayden Byrnes has shot and provided a bulk of b-roll footage to specifically use for the film.
Collaboration to partner with Ashley Kaneko from Ink + Ash for the creative branding of the film and additional collateral. And the team at the Indie Film Clinic from the Cardozo School of Law has provided their services. 

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