Another Fujifilm Photographic Film Price Increase Coming

Another Fujifilm photographic film price increase (30%) is coming on June 1st:

Color negative film (135)
Fuji Color 100

Professional negative film (135/120)
Fuji Color PRO 400 H

Professional negative film (120)
Fuji Color PRO 160 NS

Reversal film (135/120 / CUT)
Fujichrome Velvia 50
Fujichrome Velvia 100
Fujichrome PROVIA 100F

Film with lens (135)
Fujicolor disposable camera

FUJIFILM Corporation announced today that the price of photographic film products in Japan will be revised from June 1.
Although no specific price is specified, the revised price is expected to be raised by more than 30%.
As the reason for the price revision, the company says that “high logistics costs and rising prices of some raw materials etc.” made it difficult for quality and stable supply.
Target products include reversal film “VELVIA 50” which has become a staple in landscape photography etc., color negative film “Fuji color SUPERIA PREMIUM 400”, and “filming simple lens with film with lens” etc.

B&H Photo also still has a lot of Fujifilm film at the original MSRP price while supplies last.

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