Fotodiox Unveils the EF to RF TLT ROKR Tilt-Shift Adapter

The Fotodiox EF to RF TLT ROKR is a new Canon RF adapter that allows you to tilt and shift any attached Canon EF lens. The adapter allows photographers to install Canon DSLR lenses to a current mirrorless camera while also providing tilt and shift functions.

“The tilt functionality of the TLT ROKR allows for distortion control and the ability to experiment with creative effects. The tilt correction will also allow for greater compositional control by allowing the separation of objects within the same plane,” Fotodiox says. “This will help to highlight the key items in the composition without the need to rearrange or rethink your setup.”

The Fotodiox Pro TLT ROKR adapters allow for a 10mm left and right shift as well as a 10-degree one-way tilt for perspective correction.

The TLT ROKR adapter also has a 360-degree rotating mechanism that allows the tilt and shift to occur in any direction desired by the photographer, effectively recreating the benefits of Canon’s well-respected tilt-shift lenses but in a format that can work not only with mirrorless RF cameras but also with any of Canon’s EF lenses, many of which are still quite capable despite being designed for DSLRs.

“The simple mechanism will allow you to adjust tilt and shift in landscape orientation and rotate 90 degrees to achieve the same correction in portrait with no further adjustments,” Fotodiox says.

Photographers wishing to include tilt-shift capabilities into their gear without purchasing standalone DSLR tilt-shift lenses may find the TLT ROKR to be a good stop-gap device that will also allow them to find a new use for obsolete EF glass that may be lying around the studio.

The new Canon EF to Canon RF TLT ROKR adapter, which joins the company’s extensive lineup of tilt-shift adapters, is priced at $220.

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