Lexar Unveils CFexpress Type A Silver and microSDXC UHS-II Gold Series Card

Lexar has introduced two new additions to its professional line: a budget-friendly CFexpress Type A “Silver” series card and a new microSDXC UHS-II “Gold” series card.

“We know that for our professional users time is money,” says Joey Lopez, Director of Marketing at Lexar. “That is why we design our professional cards not only with the superior performance to capture stunning images and video, but also with the read speeds to transfer files in a flash, ensuring an accelerated workflow.”

For both amateur and professional photographers, the CFexpress Type A card is the most appealing. It’s an intriguing card, in part because it’s certified for Video Performance Guarantee 200 (VPG200).

VPG200 denotes that the card has been validated to provide a sustained write speed of 200 MB/s. Sustained performance is also guaranteed across the whole capacity of the card, which is critical for users that expect to, or may, use the entire card on a work.

VPG200 is noticeably below the maximum read speeds of cards, including Lexar’s new Silver Series CFexpress Type A card, which promises maximum write speeds of up to 700 MB/s.

Lexar’s newest CFexpress Type A card is ideally suited to photographic applications, including high-speed burst shooting, according to VPG200 certification. Essentially, no photographic application will exceed the Lexar Silver card’s capabilities.

The card should also be suitable for a wide range of video applications, including relatively lightweight 4K and higher-resolution recording. The most demanding video applications with heavy-duty files, on the other hand, will outperform the VPG200 certification. Lexar notably mentions compatibility with Sony’s Alpha and FX-series cameras in its press release.

The new Lexar Professional Gold microSDXC UHS-II card claims up to 75% quicker transfer speeds than UHS-I cards and maximum read speeds of up to 280 MB/s. The card has a V60 rating, which means it can record 4K video for lengthy periods of time without missing frames, and it has maximum write speeds of up to 180 MB/s.

The Lexar CFexpress Type A Silver Series card is now available for purchase, with prices starting at $190 for the 160GB version and $380 for the bigger 320GB card.
MicroSDXC cards start at $40 for 128GB and $75 for 256GB.

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