Freewell Unveils the K2 Magnetic Filter System

The K2 magnetic filter system has been introduced by the filter company Freewell. The brand-new magnetic filters come with a base ring, spherical magnetic filters, and slide-in effects filters that may move freely inside the system.
Recently, Kolari Vision unveiled its Atlas magnetic filter system, so the K2 is not the only one to be announced. However, the K2 system from Freewell is more cost-effective and starts at $350.

A base ring for the K2 magnetic filter system screws into the filter thread of a lens. The K2 is compatible with most mirrorless and DSLR lenses thanks to base rings ranging in size from 52mm to 82mm.
The Freewell K2 not only accepts circular magnetic filters, but it also has a slot that Freewell refers to as the “K2 Island Slot.” Users can add non-circular special filters here, such as gradient, snow, glow, and streak filters, all of which can be customized as desired.
Users cannot change the gradient’s position within the frame since it is fixed, which is a major drawback of circular gradient filters. Users of the K2 Island Slot can rotate the entire assembly and modify the height of a filter to alter how it affects their photographs and videos. The K2 also has a built-in spirit level, sometimes known as a “gradient tool,” to guarantee level gradient filters.

The K2 filter system also features circular variable neutral density (VND), circular polarizing (CPL), solid ND, and graduated neutral density (GND) filters in addition to the unique Island Slot for gradient filters such a graduated neutral density (ND) filter, snow mist, glow mist, and streak.
The K2 magnetic filter system has a 118 millimeter diameter and an 18 millimeter thickness. Just under 300 grams are added to a lens’ weight by the base ring, filter adapter, VND base, and a VND 1–5 filter. Weights for GND, mist/streak, and magnetic ND filters range from 20 to 35 grams.

More info on Freewell’s website.

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