Fringer Unveils the NF-FX Nikon to X-Mount Autofocus Adapter

A piece of excellent news that maybe some of you didn’t catch: Fringer has officially released the world’s first smart adapter that supports Nikon F mount lenses working on Fujifilm X cameras while keeping all the auto functions, opening in fact the doors to many exotic lenses that Fuji has yet to match.

Close to 100 lenses or lens & TC combinations have been tested and optimized. They all support fast and accurate phase-detection AF on the latest X cameras. More lenses would be added to the list in the future through adapter firmware updates.
See this list for detailed models.


Electronic aperture control and autofocus
– Aperture control: Nikon D/G/E lenses & other auto lenses from major third parties.
– Both mechanical & electromagnet aperture are supported.
– Autofocus: Nikon AF-S, AF-P lenses & other auto lenses from major third parties.

Lateral Chromatic Aberration (LaCA) Correction
– Built-in lens correction profile database
– Profile for the current lens is transferred to the camera automatically
– Jpeg pictures directly out of the camera have LaCA corrected.

All phase-detection focus points are supported
– Works in both still and movie mode
– Face/eye detection autofocus is supported, too

EXIF recording
– Lens model
– Focal length range
– Aperture range
– Current focal length
– Current Aperture

Support Image Stabilizer
– Support VR/OS/VC function of lens
– Support IBIS function of body (X-H1, X-T4, and X-S10)

Well designed and made
– Full metal body & brass mounts
– High precision CNC made
– Built-in tripod mount (non-removable)
– Flocking inside minimized the internal reflection.

The pre-order is open for Fringer NF-FX now in their website at $324.
More info on Fringer’s website.

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