Fujifilm Announces the Instax Link Wide Portable Smartphone Photo Printer

Fujifilm has announced its new Instax Link Wide Smartphone Printer. Link Wide, as it will be known, sits alongside Fujifilm’s original Mini Link and is the company’s first smartphone printer to use the larger-format Instax Wide instant film.

Fujifilm says the Link Wide will create high-quality, wide photo prints using images from a smartphone camera roll, transferred to the printer via the Instax Link Wide App. The printer connects to a smartphone via a Bluetooth connection.

In addition to smartphone compatibility, the Link Wide is also usable with the X-S10 and will allow photographers to send images directly from the camera to be printed on the Link Wide printer. The printer offers two printing modes: Instax Rich, which ups the contrast and saturation of the photo being printed and Instax Natural, which keeps the original tones of the image.

The main features of the Link Wide printer hinge on its lightweight design which it says is built for portability and speed. The company also says that it surpasses the functionality of other smartphone printers in its class and is able to transfer an image and start a print in about 12 seconds. It also supports continuous printing and is capable of generating around 100 Instax instant prints per battery charge.

Also accompanying the launch of Link Wide is the new Instax Wide Black instant film that Fujifilm says is a new contrast on the traditional white-bordered look and provides more contrast against printed images. The Instax Wide Black instant film will be available in a single pack with 10 exposures for $22.

There’s also QR Print Mode, which will print a QR code on the image, which can be used to play a recorded sound, link out to a website and tag the geolocation of the image. to coincide with the release of the Link Wide, Fujifilm is also releasing its new Instax Wide Black instant film, which offers color instant prints surrounded by a black border for a more contrasty look.

The Instax Link Wide Smartphone Printer will be available in Ash White and Mocha Gray when it launches later this month at $150.

More info on Fujifilm’s website.

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