Fujifilm XF 16-55mm f/2.8 Lens Firmware Incorporates Issues

As a result of exposure consistency issues, Fujifilm suspended the download of a firmware update for their well-liked XF 16-55mm f/2.8 R LM WR zoom lens.

“In Ver. 1.30 released on January 22, 2024, it was confirmed that the exposure of images taken with certain focal length and aperture value combinations became abnormal. For this reason, the firmware download has been suspended,” Fujifilm explains on the XF 16-55’s support page.

The company also states that an emergency firmware upgrade is in the works to address the issue for those users who had already updated to version 1.30 before it was removed from Fujifilm’s website.

Version 1.30 promises to improve exposure tracking during zoom operation on some cameras, such as the X-H2S, X-H2, X-T5, X-T4, X-T3, X-S20, and X-S10. The last firmware revision, ver.1.20, likewise claimed improvements in exposure monitoring, albeit only during video recording and unrelated to zoom operation. Firmware revisions 1.10 and 1.12 also had an impact on overall performance, particularly manual focus precision and software-based chromatic aberration adjustments.

More info on Fujifilm’s website.

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