Funleader Unveils a Contax G45 F2 to Leica M Conversion

Funleader has launched a sophisticated conversion kit designed to transform the Contax 45mm f/2 Zeiss lens into an M-mount optic, catering to professional photographers seeking to expand their lens compatibility. This kit allows for a seamless, non-destructive conversion, preserving the integrity of the original lens and enabling users to revert to the original setup if desired.

The conversion process ensures that the high resolution and vibrant color rendition of the Contax 45mm f/2 Carl Zeiss Planar lens are retained. This maintains the renowned optical performance, now made compatible with Leica M-mount cameras. Photographers can continue to enjoy the exceptional sharpness and clarity that Zeiss lenses are known for.

The converted lens features a retro-inspired design, with a focus ring adorned with a wave pattern and an aperture ring with a distinctive double-ear design. The precise red and white numerical scale enhances the lens’s aesthetic appeal while ensuring functionality. This blend of classic design and modern engineering makes the lens a valuable addition to any photographer’s kit.

For photographers who prefer a hands-on approach, Funleader offers a DIY conversion kit. This kit includes a specially designed helicoid for the Contax 45mm lens, allowing users to perform the conversion themselves with basic tools. The process is straightforward, with comprehensive instructions provided to ensure a smooth conversion experience.

Here are some sample pictures by Gao Qiang from Funleader:

The Funleader Contax G45 F2 to Leica M conversion kit is available for pre-order. The helicoid-only option is priced at $489, while the complete lens conversion kit is available for $999. Initial shipments are scheduled to begin in early July, with the first batch limited to 300 units, ensuring exclusivity and attention to detail in each conversion.

This conversion kit offers photographers the opportunity to adapt their Contax lenses for use with Leica M-mount cameras, combining the timeless optical performance of Zeiss lenses with the versatility of modern camera systems.

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