Sirui Expands Sniper APS-C Series with 16mm and 75mm f/1.2 Lenses

Sirui has announced the addition of two new lenses to its Sniper APS-C series: the 16mm f/1.2 and 75mm f/1.2 autofocus lenses. These lenses are designed to cater to both photographers and videographers looking for high-quality, fast-aperture glass at an affordable price.

The 16mm f/1.2 lens provides an ultra-wide-angle perspective, equivalent to 24mm on a full-frame sensor. This makes it ideal for capturing expansive scenes, whether in street photography, landscapes, or architectural shots. With a 13-blade aperture, this lens promises beautiful, smooth bokeh, enhancing the aesthetic quality of both images and videos. It features a minimum focusing distance of 0.3 meters and a 58mm filter thread, all packed into a lightweight design of 384 grams.

The 75mm f/1.2 lens, on the other hand, offers a telephoto focal length, equivalent to 113mm on a full-frame sensor. This makes it perfect for detailed portraits and close-up shots, providing a razor-thin depth of field and excellent subject isolation. It has a 15-blade aperture, a minimum focusing distance of 0.7 meters, and a 67mm filter thread, with a weight of 466 grams.

Both lenses incorporate ED and high refractive index glass elements along with an HD nano-coating to minimize flare and ghosting, ensuring clear and sharp images. The autofocus system uses a stepping motor (STM) for accurate, quick, and silent focusing, suitable for both stills and video. Additionally, these lenses are equipped with a USB-C port for firmware updates.

Available in black, silver, and white, these lenses come in mounts compatible with FUJIFILM X, Nikon Z, and Sony E cameras. They are currently available through Sirui’s Indiegogo campaign, with early bird prices set at $319 per lens, a 20% discount from the expected retail price of $399. The campaign runs until July 18, with shipping set to begin shortly thereafter.

For those interested in expanding their lens collection with high-quality, fast-aperture options, Sirui’s new 16mm and 75mm f/1.2 lenses offer a compelling choice​.

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