Funleader Unveils a DIY Conversion for Contax G Lens to Leica M-Mount

Chinese company Funleader unveils a converted Contax G 35mm f/2 lenses for Leica M-mount. They also sell the DIY conversion kit if you already own that lens.


  • Non-Destructive Conversion: When we convert the original Contax G35 lens for Leica M mount, we will not damage the lens. It looks or feels as good as the original Contax lens after conversion.
  • User Experience: Using this converted lens is just like using the original Contax lens. With unsurpassed optics and images, you won’t feel much difference compared to Leica lenses when you use it on Leica M.
  • Easy to DIY: If you have a Contax G35, it is easy to assemble the original Contax optical lens group into the converted helicoid. You can recover if you do not want to play.
  • Distinctive Patina: This lens is fun and similar to Leica MP “correspondent”. You can create a distinctive patina by sandpaper, which would usually point to many years of constant use. To achieve this look, every lens can be ‘aged’ entirely by hand to create absolutely unique individual products.

Here are a few sample photos taken with the converted Contax G 35mm f/2 lens for Leica M-mount lens:

The DIY kit is sold at 599$ on their website, but if you are too scared is possible to buy an already converted lens for 1.199$.

More info on Funleader’s website.

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