SANDMARC Introduces Lenses and Filters for the iPhone 12 Series

The San Diego-based company SANDMARC has just launched a new lineup of lenses and filters compatible with all iPhone 12 models. Despite the iPhone 12’s massive camera bump, Sandmarc has managed to make a series of lenses for the phone that don’t require a specialized case.

While the lens does ship with a case that allows for the company’s lenses a mounting point, you can also use them with any case you might already have (or none at all) thanks to a clip-on mount that also ships with any of the lenses.

At the moment, five lenses are available:

  • 1.33x anamorphic lens
  • A 2x telephoto lens: the iPhone 12 Pro Max has a 5x zoom. The SANDMARC Telephoto lens makes it a 60mm equivalent lens
  • A 2x wide lens to create even wider shots than the built-in iPhone’s camera
  • A 5x wide fisheye lens for creative uses
  • Macro lens to capture details

All the lenses are made out of aluminum and multi-coated glass. They have a 17mm inner diameter, 40.66mm outer diameter, and all SANDMARC lenses are compatible with the company’s Drama/Scape/Hybrid filters.

All SANDMARC iPhone 12 Series lenses and filters are available now. Each lens kit includes a lens, iPhone Case, Clip Mount, Front / Back Caps, and a pouch.

Prices start at $89.99 for the Macro and Fisheye lens editions, $99.99 for the Telephoto and Wide-angle lens editions, and $129.99 for the anamorphic lens edition. Other bundles are also available with multiple lenses.

More info on SANDMARC’s website.

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