Godox Unveils the Retro-Inspired Hotshoe Flash Lux Senior

Godox has announced the Lux Senior on-camera flash, a retro-inspired strobe for Fujifilm, Nikon, Olympus, and Sony Cameras with faux leather grain and silver accents to accentuate the pop-up design that unfolds to reveal a circular reflector with a bulb in the center. Described as an ode to ordinary life, the company says that if cameras capture memories, “flashes glamorize them.” Godox describes the design as one that mimics a rare museum collectible and that using it connects the photographer with both the past and the future.

On the back of the flash is a dial with seven power levels to choose from (1/1 through 1/64). Aperture, distance, and ISO markings are also there to help guide the strength you should pick based on your subject and camera settings. Unlike the Lux Junior counterpart, which uses triple-A batteries, the Lux Senior has an integrated battery that charges over USB-C. Godox says the battery is good for 150 full-power flashes with a sub-three-second recycle time.

In addition to being used as a standalone flash, it can also be paired with other units to create a more robust setup. There are two optical trigger modes with a switch on the rear to activate the S1 optical control and S2 optical control. The S1 setting will turn the light into a secondary flash triggered by another flash going off, while the S2 setting will do the same but avoid any pre-flashes made from primary lights that have a pre-flash for TTL functionality. The company claims the Lux Senior has a color temperature of 6000±200 Kelvin.

“The retro vibe of the Lux Senior resonates more in use. Experiencing the classic way of photography with the fan-type silver reflector to shape the light and the flash bulb combining a vintage shape with new technology,” the company writes. The Godox Lux Senior will retail for $119 when it becomes available in September 2022. It will come with a storage back, a charging cable, and a triggering cable.

More info on Godox’s website.

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