Helge Skodvin: Observations of New Norwegian Fauna in the Years 2014–2022

“The Norwegian Biodiversity Centre has observed and registered 30,346 animal species in Norway. With Observations of a New Norwegian Fauna in the Years 2014–2022 I want to document Norway and the landscape through an alternative and expanded Norwegian fauna. A zoological low threshold offering; none of the animals are real. None of the images are staged. They are all found through massive travel and search around Norway, over a period of nine years.
I want to show the cultural and natural landscape we have around us every day. What does our everyday scenery and land really look like? I use these observations of new Norwegian fauna as a way of highlighting the more normal surroundings that we usually don’t see and pay any attention to. Trampolines, hedges, garden houses, double garages, yield signs, terraced houses, pallets, tarpaulins, picket fences, satellite dishes, caravans, and everything that we fill the landscape with, and becomes what our topography looks like here and now. An exotic animal as a contrast to the more common and familiar milieu.” Helge Skodvin

This book can be seen as an independent sequel to Helge Skodvin first, since long sold out book 240 Landscapes – by British photographer and photo book connoisseur Martin Parr regarded as “The Best Photobook in the World 2015”.

A portrait of Helge Skodvin

About the Author

Helge Skodvin is a photographer born and based in Bergen, Norway. He works for magazines, newspapers, publishers, commercial clients as well as long-term personal projects. Skodvin works mainly in the documentary genre with a strong and distinctive visual style.
He has made four photo books and his book 240 Landscapes was selected as best in the world in 2015, by photographer, and photo book critic and guru, Martin Parr.
Skodvin has been nominated for the Leica Oskar Barnack Award and the Magnum Photography Award. He has won numerous awards at the Norwegian Picture of the Year awards. He is a devoted supporter of Liverpool FC and he likes his coffee black with two sugars.

Hardcover: 144 pages
Publisher: Journal 2023
Language: English
Size: 9 x 10.6 inches

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