Moment Module 8 Tuners Available in PL-E & PL-RF Mounts

All three Module 8 Tuners are now compatible with PL Lenses. This implies that you can finally get versions that allow you to utilize PL mount lenses on Canon RF or Sony E mount cameras.

Module 8 (a Moment spin-off) has officially revealed the world’s first variable-look cinematic lens system. When utilizing mirrorless digital cameras, they are designed to interact with your existing glass to provide a nostalgic film aesthetic.

Module 8’s The Tuner has a World Wide Patent Pending technology called Vari-Look, which allows The Tuner to replicate classic lenses while giving you manual control over the power of that look. The company claims to have created a precision zoom lens with aberration correction.

With In-Focus Look Variability, you may manually vary the strength of the look on The Tuner while maintaining perfect focus. When it comes to focus, the adapters support both autofocus and in-camera stabilization. The Tuner supports EF to E, EF to RF, PL to E, and PL to RF circuits.

Vari-Tune technology is a precise flaw in that it can construct any exact aberration or combination of aberrations into the lens for genuinely distinctive effects. They can also add third and higher-order spherical aberration, as well as slight chromatic aberration, to create bloom and glow.

If that wasn’t enough, they can also add coma, astigmatism, and other aberrations to soften the frame’s edges and create odd depth of field effects. For example, their L3 Retroscope lens was created with off-axis astigmatism similar to that found in vintage anamorphic lenses. This may be applied in a variety of novel and fascinating ways, like making your 2.35:1 crop of spherical footage appear more anamorphic despite the fact that it was shot with spherical lenses.

Because of the advanced CAM mechanism and bespoke circuit board, the company has been able to produce a very compact gadget that can be used on a variety of mirrorless cameras. They also intend to use this technology for several new items.

Tuner L1
The look of the L1 Tuner was inspired by the iconic Super Baltar. The Baltar look is soft and warm, with low contrast to remove all hard edges from digital film.

Tuner L2
Canon K-35 lenses inspired the L2 Tuner. With a T/1.5 speed and aspherical elements, the K-35s were a breakthrough lens for their day. They appeared in movies like Rocky and American Hustle.

Tuner L3
The L3 Tuner was meant to recreate the vertical/horizontal depth of field effects seen when using antique anamorphics, but without the flares or bokeh.

The Tuners also support EF to E and EF to RF circuits, allowing them to work with your autofocus and stabilization systems. This makes the Tuner far more user-friendly than a standard vintage lens.

The Canon EF-E mount and Canon EF-RF mount variants retail at $1,299.99 each. Each PL-E and PL-RF mount costs $2,499.99.

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