Kondor Blue Unveils the Stalman Clamp for Vertical Filmmaking

The KONDOR BLUE Stalman Vertical iPhone Clamp is particularly intended for social content creators. The clip has smooth edges and was designed to fit effortlessly into your pocket, phone or no phone. It also integrates effortlessly with a variety of KONDOR BLUE accessories, allowing you to add power, media, microphones, and other features.

A 40 Gbps USB-C Elbow Adapter is included. The adapter is protected by a magnetically fastened small dovetail plate. A 14″-20 anti-twist mount is also included with the plate. It’s ready for accessories now that the USB-C mount is pointed to the back of the phone.

The pro mounting choices are exactly where they need to be, whether you’re running your phone with a simple attachment or completely rigged. The clamp includes an Arca Swiss mount as well as a mounting point for additional tripod plates.
The camera notch on the Stalman Clamp appears to be built specifically for the iPhone 15 Pro.

The Stalman Clamp costs $75 and comes in Space Gray and Raven Black.

More info on KONDOR BLUE’s website.

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