In the Footsteps of Gerda Taro, a Film by Camille Ménager

Gerda Taro is a modern heroine who paid for her political commitment with her life. She was a pioneer of photojournalism, and she was killed on the eve of her 27th birthday during the Spanish Civil War, which she covered for the most prestigious magazines of the time.
From Hitler’s Germany to the desperate battles of the Spanish Republic to the Parisian bohemian of the interwar period, her short life spanned the great history of the first part of the 20th century.
Her name, which disappeared from collective memory, has recently re-emerged from the limbo of oblivion.

Her life and her photographs combine passion and struggle and resonate with decidedly contemporary questions. It is this modernity that the film questions, following in the footsteps of an inspiring figure and a timeless work.
Through archival images, director Camille Ménager invites us to discover the young woman with a poignant destiny, whose talent has been eclipsed for 70 years by the success of her partner, Robert Capa. In the 2000s, the rediscovery of her works, already attributed to Capa, opened a new field of historical-artistic studies. The photos of him, taken between the summer of 1936 and July 1937 in Spain, express his democratic and anti-fascist commitment and illustrate the madness of men, the pain of war, and the ideal of brotherhood.

A portrait of Gerda Taro and Robert Capa, Paris, 1936

Determined, Gerda left her mark on those she met: her friends, photographers, and writers, but also Spanish soldiers, with whom she seems to have shared pain and disappointment. Through a moving portrait of the artist, this documentary, realized with the participation of France Télévisions and with the support of the National Center for Cinema and the Animated Image, offers a fresh look at the birth of photojournalism. (Pauline Cabon)

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