Leica Announces the M10-R Black Paint Limited Edition

Leica Camera AG introduces a new design variant of the Leica M10-R. With its black paint finish, the new Leica M10-R perfectly embodies the classic Leica look: over the years, glimpses of brass will gradually start to show on the corners and edges – resulting in a unique patina that emphasizes the camera’s individual character. This is a camera that not only captures moments in time but also tells a story of its own. The new addition to the M family is a prime example of Leica’s unerring commitment to quality and craftsmanship made in Germany.

The camera is functionally identical to a standard M-10R, but the colorway is a first for any M10-generation camera, standard or otherwise.

Most Leica M cameras today are finished in black chrome or black anodized with a matte satin surface, but the exclusively limited Leica M10-R features a unique glossy black paint finish – akin to many iconic Leicas of years past. This classic look might be more delicate compared to modern equivalents, but with time it develops its own unique patina and character.

Many photographers treasure these signs of wear that reveal the brass on the top plate, bottom cover, and dials after intensive use. Now, the Leica M10-R too will expose these authentic characteristics over time. Its unique patina bearing witness to the passing of time—capturing more than just events but telling its very own story.

This exclusive design variant of the Leica M10-R combines all the modern technology associated with the state-of-the-art 40-megapixel camera with classic design elements. In addition to its glossy black paint finish, the top cap features the famous Leica script and “Ernst Leitz Wetzlar Germany” engraving. Both the ISO and shutter speed dials feature characteristic cross patterned knurling, and the release button has a silver glossy chrome finish. These special details hearken to the rare black glossy classics Leica M3 and Leica M4, which are incredibly sought-after to this day. The emblematic red Leica dot has also deliberately been omitted for the most stealthy and iconic look.

Initial deliveries of the M10-R Black Paint will start this month for a price of $9,295, or $300 more than a standard black anodized M10-R.

More info on Leica’s website.

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