Insta360 Unveils the Go 3

The new Insta360 Go 3 action camera is perhaps the most adaptable model yet because it combines a tiny thumb-sized main camera unit with a GoPro-like pod base with a flip-up selfie screen and a battery life of 170 minutes. With the Go 3, the company’s Go range of action cameras continues to be among the smallest on the market. With a magnetic back that can attach to various surfaces, the camera unit maintains its incredibly small, thumb-sized, 35-gram form factor.

The Go 3’s camera unit is paired with what Insta360 calls an Action Pod, a GoPro-like housing that gives the Go 3 boosts power by adding a much bigger battery and a 2.2-inch flip-up touch screen.

The Go 3 camera device functions similarly to other versions that Insta360 has launched. The front of the body may be quickly pushed to start recording, and due to its compact size and low profile, it can be put in awkward spaces without affecting image quality.

With that, the Go 3 has an 11.24mm f/2.2 camera (similar to a 35mm), is capable of recording up to 2.7K video at 24/25/30 frames per second, and can take images in four different sizes, including 2,560 x 1,440 (16:9) and 2,936 x 1,088 (2.7:1) as a DNG RAW. Also available are 1440p and 1080p shots on the camera at 24/25/30/50 frames per second. While slow motion 120 frames per second can only be captured in 1080p, time-lapses can be recorded at 1440p.

Three accessories are included with the Go 3. The Magnet Pendant is intended to be worn around the neck, hidden by clothing, with the camera clipping to the wearer’s front. The Go 3 can attach to the brim of hats thanks to the Easy Clip. In addition to having an adjustable design and a 1/4-inch mounting point for connecting to a tripod or selfie stick, the Pivot Stand is a reusable adhesive mount.

According to Insta360, software improvements and an increased resolution to 2.7K produce sharp, clear videos. Furthermore, there are no restrictions on clip length, and a bigger 310mAh battery lets it film continuously for 45 minutes, which is a 50% improvement over the previous model. The tiny camera also includes two microphones, which the manufacturer claims produce sharper and crisper audio than the Go 2. Voice Control 2.0 is also included, allowing for hands-free camera operation.

Pre-recording, Loop Recording, and Timed Capture are available new recording modes. The last function enables the camera to be configured to begin recording at a preset time, which is useful for time-lapses taken in the early morning. It should be noted that because storage is built into the camera, any purchases are locked to the camera.

The Insta360 Action Pod for the Go 3 camera includes a housing, remote control, and charger. The Action Pod can control the camera even when it’s not actively attached because the Go 3 slides into a slot on the front and connects with the Pod through Bluetooth.

The Action Pod has the same magnetic mount compatibility as the Go 3 device alone and has a 2.2-inch touchscreen that enables real-time remote control and live preview of the Go 3. The Go 3’s battery life is significantly increased to 170 minutes when attached to the Action Pod.

Although to varying degrees, the Action Pod and the Go 3 camera are waterproof. The Pod is only rated for IPX4, while the Go 3 is rated to IPX8.

Insta360 GO 3 is available for purchase starting today and ships with the Action Pod, Magnet Pendant, Easy Clip, Pivot Stand, and Lens Guard included. Three storage options are available: 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB models, priced at $379.99, $399.99, and $429.99 respectively.

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