Moment Announces the Everything Bags

A line of bags from Moment has been announced that “carry everything, go anywhere, and come in every size.” Moment believes its new bags, dubbed The Everything Bags, will displace all of a person’s other bags. The Everything Bags are available in three different backpack styles and one tote bag. The dimensions, weight, and carrying capacities of the backpacks vary.

The Moment’s new Camera Insert 4L is compatible with all three bags, and they all offer the following features: dedicated tablet pockets, room for a 1-liter Nalgene or comparable brand water bottle, pass-through baggage handles, and overhead storage compatibility.

The two larger backpacks can each hold a 16-inch laptop, but the Moment 17L Daypack, the smallest bag, only fits a 14-inch laptop. Another distinction is that only the Moment 21L Overnight backpack can accommodate Moment’s Camera Insert 8L, while the Moment 28L Weekender, the largest of the trio, can. The Weekender has a full clamshell opening design, only found on the large backpack. However, the huge Weekender cannot fit beneath an airplane seat, although the two smaller packs can.

The three backpacks are lightweight when empty, weighing between 0.68 kilos and 1 kilogram. By the way, these weights do not include the optional Camera Insert.

The Camera Insert’s “Camera Mode” enables photographers to carry a variety of cameras and lenses while keeping their equipment organized. The 28L Backpack allows users to carry a camera, lens, gimbal, drone and controller, mic, lights, and recorder while accommodating 8L and 4L camera inserts. Still shooters ought to have little trouble squeezing in a camera or two and several lenses. The Camera Inserts contain two layers of waterproof covering and padded dividers that can be customized and removed. Aluminum anchors are included with the inserts to fasten them to the Everything Bags securely.

Moment claims that for photographers utilizing mirrorless cameras, the 4L size is ideal. The 4L model can carry a camera and a lens with a focal length of 70–200mm or a camera and two or three smaller lenses. Larger DSLR cameras with an attached 70-200mm zoom lens and four extra lenses can fit within the Camera Insert 8L. Medium format film cameras can also use the bigger camera insert. Regarding film, Moment offers a Re-usable Film Pouch for photographers that use film.

Focusing on the 19L Tote, the oddball in the Everything Bag lineup. It resembles the Tech Tote, an existing Moment tote bag. Moment has updated the materials, fit, and shoulder strap even though the size hasn’t changed. The Everything 19L Tote has inside padded dividers, a compartment for a 16-inch laptop, and space for an extra organizer insert. Additionally, it has a top zipper opening, internal storage pockets for cords and chargers, and a cross-body shoulder strap for extended trips. It is weatherproof.

The Everything Backpack (17L) or Tote (19L) is available to backers for $99, a 17 percent savings compared to the planned retail price of $119. The larger Everything Backpack 21L Overnight is $119, a 20 percent discount. The big backpack, the Everything Backpack 28L Weekender, is available to early bird backers for $149, a 25 percent discount off the planned $199 retail price.

More info on their Kickstarter’s page.

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