Insta360 Updates the Insta360 Studio

Insta360 has released a big update to its desktop video editing program, Insta360 Studio. The updated version offers more flexible editing and additional controls for putting together films.

The new edition of the desktop software includes some long-awaited productivity enhancements that will be really handy. It now allows users to merge numerous clips on the same timeline, which was previously only possible with a different tool. That was a pain, so it’s good to see it’s been fixed. The upgrade now allows you to work on many projects at once, with easy toggling between them. The software supports both 360 and flat video, allowing for far more dynamic and varied content.

In addition to productivity improvements, the newest edition of Insta360 Studio includes some new creative capabilities. Users will be able to add background music and text directly to Insta360 Studio, eliminating the need to switch to another program. There is a large collection of free songs to choose from, and users can post their own.mp3 files. Transitions have also been introduced, including a library of camera movements, unique effects, and full 360 choices such as Tiny Plant and barrel roll.

A speed editor has also been included into the application, giving you even more control over the speed of clips in the timeline. It even lets users change the speed of many clips at once. Keyframes can now be added with a single click, rather than the previous two-step method. Finally, a new General Media folder allows to keep regularly used files (videos, images, or music) in one convenient location. This is especially useful for individuals who incorporate logos, title screens, endcards, or regular music within their films.

Videos from the Insta360 Studio app are simple to export and store, saving users time when finishing up. But, most importantly, the desktop editing program remains completely free to download and use. There is no monthly cost and no paywall, which is fantastic to see. It’s compatible with all of Insta360’s consumer action cameras and runs on both Windows and Apple’s macOS.

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