Tether Tools Unveils the TetherGuard LeverLock Plate

The TetherGuard LeverLock Plate from Tether Tools is an attractive solution for tethered shooters, securing tethering cables to your camera while minimizing their footprint. The black Arca-Type compatible plate protects and simplifies the cable-camera connection by letting the cable to flow through an S-channel in the plate’s bottom and remain locked in place. The plate’s all-metal structure includes built-in speed bumps, retention ridges, and rubber non-slip pads to help protect the cable’s place. The plate features both a 1/4″-20 screw and a 1/4″-20 thread, making it compatible with nearly any tripod and accommodating cables up to.26″ in diameter.

Key features:

  • Easy Set Up: connect or remove the cable without removing the plate from your camera.
  • The 5-Point Protection System has a CamCleat Lever, Anti-Slip Speed Bump, two Retention Ridges, and a cable S-Channel to secure connections and protect equipment.​
  • Quality Build: Lightweight and durable, all-metal construction​
  • Versatile Design: Streamlined design for use with both small and large cameras​
  • Universal Tripod Compatibility: Features Arca compatibility and a 1/4″ – 20 thread for additional tripod plates. Accepts cables up to 6.5mm/.26″ in diameter.​
  • Rubber non-slip cushions ensure the LeverLock Plate remains aligned with your camera.
  • Lifetime warranty.

The TetherGuard LeverLock Plate costs $100, which is a relatively high price for a tripod plate. It also includes TetherPro cables in orange and black, which support every connection standard. The bundle ranges from $120 to $140, depending on the chosen cables.

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