Irix Unveils the Edge Black Mist SR Filter

The film and photography industries routinely use Black Mist filters to give images the appearance of a subtle haze or blur. Filmmakers who want to give their productions a certain ambiance or romantic mood find them popular. Black Mist filters function by dispersing light and reducing contrast without significantly affecting the image’s darker areas. This produces a distinctive result. They envelop light sources like lamps or the sun in a soft aura.

The filter’s unique design, which successfully diffuses the light while keeping the sharpness of the image, allows for the creation of this effect. This filter is particularly well-liked for portrait photography since it covers small skin flaws like wrinkles or discoloration. They can also highlight lights in night scenes or set a romantic ambiance in landscape shots. Irix Black Mist filters keep the colors of the video or photographed scene rendered consistently and unchanging.

The three accessible intensity levels (1/2, 1/4, and 1/8) enable authors to select the desired impact in accordance with their artistic concept. In both photography and cinematography, they can be utilized with various lenses, allowing you artistic control over the atmosphere and tone of your picture.

The best image quality is maintained thanks to the use of an optical glass of the finest caliber that is additionally protected with 18 anti-reflective coatings on each side. In addition, the glass tempering process (SR) makes it incredibly damage resistant. The extra NANO coating, which is waterproof and oil-resistant, guards against stains and fingerprints and permits use in adverse weather situations.

Low-profile frames and specifically crafted edges offer excellent grip, functionality, and a unified aesthetic with all Irix items. Of course, filters can also be applied to lenses made by different manufacturers.

The filter is made to withstand any conditions you may subject it to while also safeguarding your priceless lens thanks to a unique selection of strong glass. The Irix Edge SR series is resistant to dust and scratches, as well as oil.

More info on Irix’s website.

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