Kodak Professional Photo Chemicals Will Be Available Soon

Kodak Professional Photo Chemicals will once again be available for purchase throughout Europe. Dupli, a provider of fine art and photographic print equipment situated in the United Kingdom, has been named Kodak Professional Photo Chemicals’ official European distributor.

While black-and-white chemistry is currently the only choice, Dupli reports that Kodak Color Negative and E-6 Chemistry will be available later this year, giving color photographers something to look forward to.

The excellent news for European film photographers comes after similar news for Americans in November. Photo Systems, based in Michigan, said last fall that it will restart production of Kodak photo chemicals. This statement occurred after Sino Promise, the Chinese holding firm that previously owned the license, quit the photochemical industry in April. Photo Systems specializes in legacy processes, thus it only makes sense that it would take over the production of these chemicals.

The newly published chemistry has the same formulas as the previous chemicals, but with a different appearance. Kodak’s most popular black and white chemicals, including as XTOL, T-MAX, and D-76, will be available first. Users can also purchase Rapid Selenium Toner, Photo-Flo, HC-110 developer, Hypo Clearing Agent Powder, Dektol Paper Developer Powder, and Kodak’s stop bath concentration. Essentially, everything a film photographer would need to develop and print images will be available for purchase.

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