Leica Shutdown their Cloud Service for Photographers Leica Fotopark

Back in 2014, Leica introduced at Photokina a comprehensive digital service concept for the storage, processing and management of pictures – Leica Fotopark.

With this concept (who was awarded the title “Best in Cloud Award 2014” in the category “Cloud Enabling Infrastructure”), the manufacturer of premium cameras, lenses and sport optics products from Wetzlar expanded its existing business model with an online platform that sets the focus in the digitally connected world on what is truly essential – the picture – and bridges the divide between hardware and software.

Today, after five years, this concept is closing as we can see on the message posted on the front page.

“We have made the decision to shift our focus to concentrate on the exchange between photographers and photography experts. In light of this, we would like to recommend the LFI.Gallery as the ideal location for your photos in the future.”

The LFI.Gallery is curated by Leica Fotografie International – the magazine for photography, first published in 1949.

In contrast to other photography communities, the LFI.Gallery rejects social media elements such as comments and likes.
The prime focus is solely on the exchange between the photo editors of LFI and the photographer.

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