Logitech Will Release a Micro Four Thirds Camera Soon

A Micro Four Thirds-mounting lens streaming camera from Logitech is expected next week. Logitech will unveil the new camera on March 19 under the tagline “Stream with Vision.”

The Mevo system, which is now a few years old, marked Logitech’s straight entry into the streaming video market. Mevo cameras are marketed as a way to make what is often complex and expensive simple and affordable. They can be used individually or in groups and are offered for a variety of applications beyond home streaming, including classrooms, conferences, sports, and music venues.

Last January, Logitech released Mevo Go, a companion software for its Mevo ecosystem that allowed any Android or iOS device to send video, audio, and screencasting to the Mevo Multicam software, adding to the ecosystem’s simplicity and accessibility.

While the ecosystem and software support were present, Logitech’s Mevo system was limited by hardware. Its cameras include compact, low-resolution sensors, which make them easy to deploy but limit the quality of the images they can capture; for example, the Mevo camera can only broadcast in 1080p Full HD.

That appears to be changing, as the company has announced plans to produce a new camera under the Mevo brand with a bigger sensor and interchangeable lenses.

According to some sources from China, the camera will be known as the Mevo Core and will be significantly larger than the current Mevo cameras to handle the Micro Four Thirds sensor and mount, as well as a much larger 6,400 mAh battery, two USB-C connections, and an HDMI output. It will reportedly have microSD card slots and be able to record 4K definition video at up to 30 frames per second.

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