Loupedeck Introduces the Loupedeck Live for Content Creators and Streamers

The team at Loupedeck has launched a new product called the Loupedeck Live. As with Loupedeck’s previous consoles, they see it as an extension of your keyboard, mouse, and pen to offer easier access to your commonly used shortcuts and tools. While the name would suggest that it’s designed primarily for live streamers (and it is), it also offers much of the same functionality as the Loupedeck CT for photographers and content creators.

Building upon its expertise in creating consoles that improve workflows across industries, the Loupedeck Live is the Finnish company’s answer to the growing demand for a versatile device that enhances the unique work of live streamers and content creators. It provides convenient access to essential tools and applications helping content creators to connect, engage, and produce quality content. With its aluminum cover and dials, powerful LCD display, and unlimited customization possibilities, the Loupedeck Live is the perfect addition to live streaming and creative setups.

“With the continued rise of live streaming and consumer desire for high-quality streams that not only integrate music but respond to questions, add graphics, and more, we saw an opportunity to improve the workflow of streamers,” said Mikko Kesti, Founder and CEO of Loupedeck. “With our extensive expertise in developing products that seamlessly integrate into the creative workflow, the Loupedeck Live was a natural next step in our line of consoles, offering streamers that same customization without sacrificing the quality their viewers have come to expect.”

Key benefits and capabilities of the Loupedeck Live include:

  • SOFTWARE INTEGRATIONS: Native integrations to your favorite streaming and creative software, right out of the box. The Loupedeck Live is also context-aware, allowing you to move freely from one software to the next – all from one sleek interface.
  • ENHANCED AUDIO CONTROL: Audio controls have never been more intuitive with Loupedeck Live’s intuitive interface, allowing you to arrange, compose and adjust the sound on the fly – even without a deep knowledge of audio control.
  • EXPANDED CREATIVE POTENTIAL: With the integration of Custom Profiles, the Loupedeck Live can now pair with any software you use – from Spotify to Microsoft Excel – further expanding the console’s functionality.
  • INTUITIVE DESIGN, QUALITY BUILD: Designed to provide consistent, reliable support for all aspects of content creation and streaming, the Loupedeck Live features a compact premium build body, analog dials, customizable buttons, LED backlighting, and more.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE EXPERIENCE: Create, edit, and stream your way. Get started quickly with our ready-made profiles for streaming and content creation or easily organize your tools into custom workspaces, uniquely tailored to your personal workflow. Combined with color-coordinated, fully customizable buttons, dials, and touchscreens, creating fresh content has never been this easy.

The Loupedeck Live is housed within an aluminum cover and has a 4.3-inch 480 x 272 pixel LCD with a capacitive touch panel. The console includes eight round push-buttons with RGB backlight and six endless rotation encoders with detents and push-button functionality. Loupedeck Live’s dimensions are 150 x 110 x 30mm and it weighs 230g. Loupedeck Live comes with a stand and with cables (USB-C cable and USB-C to USB-A adapter are included).

The Loupedeck Live starts shipping September 29 when purchased directly from the Loupedeck website and will be available on Amazon later this year. The Live retails for $269 and includes all compatible streaming licenses and compatibility with two additional programs of choice. Adding additional programs beyond those will require a subscription or a one-time fee after the end of the year.

More info on the Loupedeck website.

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